Gourmet, natural & organic
Thought For Food is the flagship restaurant inside The Living Room by Octave. It is open daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch serving tasting menus, sharing plates and quick meals that all feature responsibly and honestly sourced ingredients. Our Executive Chef and two nutritionists collaborate on menus that are gourmet, natural and organic.

world-class chef Alexander bitterling

Thought For Food Executive Chef Alexander Bitterling began his culinary career at the Frankfurt gourmet hotspot, Zarges. Over the next decade he went on to develop his skills at an eclectic range of hotels, resorts and restaurants around the world, including 3-star Michelin restaurant Amador. He's developed a special style combining ingredients and flavors, especially those which are challenging to pair. Alexander’s creations also feature eye-catching plating. He likes endowing the plate with a theme, such as an old tree, or the sea. He makes the whole plate into an appealing, hand-crafted artwork.

Octave nutritionist Tella Chen

Tella graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, with a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition Lab Science. She is a member of the American Association of Nutrition Consultants. She loves cooking and in 2013 was a runner-up in China’s first ever cooking reality show “The Taste”. She is now a renowned low-calorie cooking expert and a famous blogger on Sina weibo with over 300,000 followers. She published the recipe book "Ideas for Nutritional Cooking" in 2013. Her follow-up book "Low-calorie Cooking Expert" was published in 2015. Prior to joining Octave, Tella was nutrition consultant for the California Walnut Commission as well as nutritionist for one of China's largest food companies, SHINHO.

Octave TCM Nutritionist Uranda Lin
Born in Taiwan into a family whose members have been engaged in medicine for generations, Dr. Lin learned Traditional Chinese Medicine with several renowned TCM masters in China. She holds doctor degrees in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutrition. Dr. Lin has been a body-mind healing practitioner for over 15 years. She has considerable knowledge and working experience in traditional medicine, nutrition and lifestyle sciences. Over the last decade, she has been resident at spiritual centers in Nepal, India, Germany, America, and Italy to further her expertise under the guidance of renowned healing masters, making her an accomplished holistic mind-body wellbeing expert.

our commitment to health
Our vegetables are sourced from certified organic farms and our own roof-top garden, and are fully traceable to ensure safety and quality to the table. Our poultry, pork and seafood are carefully selected from free range sources that are certified and traceable.    Our Executive Chef personally supervises the sourcing of all food ingredients to ensure the best quality. We have turned our kitchen completely inside out to show our steadfast commitment to honest food and honest preparation. Our street level kitchen window is symbolic of our connectedness to our greater community.